Got a gripe about uShip or a transporter? Report them @

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We are a new website and the reason we built this site was that we hated seeing shippers pissed off.

With carriers adjusting rates, adding accessorial charges or even brokers stealing customers and phantom billing shippers this needed to be reported. We wanted to give shippers a voice and a place where they can vent without worry of retribution from the company they are reporting and to offer a centralized website to help other shippers vet a transporter prior to allowing them to transport their cargo.

Since we are so new, you will see posts pulled from other sites that are on general consumer review websites to help consolidate them here.


Pissed? Report it!

Every complaint can be submitted anonymously with just a user name. We do require an actual email address that can be verified prior to approving your complaint and submitting it to the search engines to be indexed. Your email address will not be listed on your report or shared/released with any 3rd party.

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Got a gripe about uShip or a transporter? Report them @, 5.0 out of 5 based on 4 ratings