This site will be moving to in the near future due to many transportation scams online. Not just uship. A&E Shipping Wars knowingly promotes illegal trucking on uShip

A&E Shipping Wars knowingly promotes illegal trucking on uShip

January 5, 2012 in uShip Exposed

A&E has been informed and still lists these people on their show after knowingly promote illegal trucking and tax evaders.

If you feel that making our roads unsafe for the sake of profit is wrong, contact A&E and let them know: A&E corp. office phone number is 212-210-1341 talk to David McKillop or Elaine Frontain and Neil A. Cohen


uShip profiles of the A&E “Shipping Wars” transporters


Scott and Suzanne BawcomScott & Suzanne Bawcom, Nashville, Tenn. (uShip handle: dreamtimetransportation) Member of uShip since May 2008 5 months before authority was revoked for 20 months while on uShip. Operated illegally on uShip for over a year?

US DOT:  1737042  Docket Number:  MC641271  





Jennifer BrennanJennifer Brennan, Austin, Texas (uShip handle: texascowgirl) On uShip since June 1, 2011. Planted model who had no previous professional shipping experience

US DOT:  2159691  Docket Number:  MC750616  






Roy GarberRoy Garber, Dover, N.H. (uShip handle: arbiesteam) On uShip since Feb 2009 – authority granted Jan 2011 operated illegally for almost 2 years

US DOT:  2103095  Docket Number:  MC733471  

Legal Name:  ROY GARBER





Jarrett JoyceJarrett Joyce, Winston-Salem, N.C. (uShip handle: jjncsu2000) The only business name on SAFERS even close. No Authority, illegal

US DOT:  2232281  Docket Number:  MC486822


PROPERTY BROKER …………GRANTED….04/30/2004………REVOKED…05/09/2008




Marc SpringerMarc Springer, Seattle, Wash. (uShip handle: snortnboartransport) Been on uShip since 09/26/09 & didn’t have authority until Apr 2010 knowingly operated illegally

US DOT:  1995795  Docket Number:  MC705416  






We asked A&E for a comment and the refused. I believe that they are aware they fell for the scams that Matt Chasen (Founder of uShip) pitched and have too much invested. We have sent this information to Ray LaHood of the DOT as well. Featured in A&E’s New Real-Life Series ‘Shipping Wars”

16 responses to A&E Shipping Wars knowingly promotes illegal trucking on uShip

  1. Feedback about the “Shipping Wars” show so far (and it ain’t good):

    Ron Parrett Shipping Wars – Worst program ever on TV. Lose it soon!

    Kevin Carter From a real truck driver perspective shipping wars was really bad, bad for business and our reputation. It’s hard enough to make a decent living out there already without these knuckleheads turning it into some kind of price war game for the sake of entertainment. The object of the game, let’s work as stupid as we possibly can and for as cheap as we can, doesn’t sound very smart to me. I got a family to feed without this kind of nonsense.

    Tony Talarico A&E the vote is in and so are the REVIEWS your new show SHIPPING WARS SUCKS. Just read what the FANS have to say but I bet we will hear from all the newspapers and different media outlets it was GREAT. If its so great send it to them on DVD and cancel the show on tv it BLOWS

    Rusty Fugitt So far Shipping Wars is boring. I hope the incompetence is just an act for entertainment. Who sucks diesel into thier mouths anyway?

    Laura Lee Wong I lasted 3 min on Shipping Wars…gawdawful.

    Stacey Arnold Staged. ALL staged!

    Jada Johnson Shipping wars was bad. They make legit shipping companies look bad and incompetent especially Jarrett.

    Kim DeLange Mora Shipping Wars is horrible and Storage Wars Texas is the worst!!!! Seriously? Where did they find these people? Nabila is not a good addition to the show. Leave it alone! We like the originals!!!

    Angela Christopher Browning Watched storage wars original, NOT shipping wars or storage wars texas.

    Michelle Eldridge Blanchard Just watched Shipping Wars. Is anyone else upset that these people are driving these trucks and NOT wearing their seatbelts? You would think the producers would be a little more responsible.

    Hollie Pittman Reynolds Trying to watch shipping wars.. ok, well, some of the items are cool, but, the show is boring.. channel flip time!!

    Susan Tely-Carey Jeez, this show looks lame on the commercials, why would I actually watch it???

    Griffin Collins Where is the, This show is lame, sticker

    Michael D. Thomas ITS DUMB

    Alexandra Diana Sehorn shipping wars STUPID but i loooovvve storage wars!♥

    Nathaniel Cornelisse thank god there is new Auction hunters on during shipping wars hahahaha

    Mike Sauber I’m a retired professional truck driver. I turned this crap off after 4 minutes. Just what the industry needs is stupid stuff like this so the general population thinks less of us than they already do!

    Chad Chaffin When will the “Shipping Wars- Cancelled” sticker be available?

    Gina Taylor Crumpton Don’t like Texas and don’t like Shiiping Wars. I love the original, Dave and all. The diff personalities is what makes it work. But just b/c the original works doesn’t mean the clones will. Stick to what works!

    Greg Skidmore Really can’t stand SW Texas, Shipping wars doesn’t interest me. Love SW LA.

    Monica Parks I love Storage Wars and have grown to like Texas..They however can keep Shipping Wars..I didn’t care for that at all..

    Rusty Clements Shipping Wars pretty good….But here’s the downside…..You will have every idiot and his dog think they’re shippers now…..Lmao

    Daniel Keating Shipping wars is lame

    Jane Cunningham They can keep Shipping Wars and Storage Wars Texas THEY BOTH SUCK!!!! I love the orginal Starage Wars!!!!

    • I have been a LEGAL provider on uship for a couple of years now and have my own authority. Uship is a joke they promote illegal trucking and give somebody who is legit no advantage at all over an illegal provider. When my insurance is over $1,000 per month. You will have a bid on a motorcycle for say $650 enclosed transport cross-country then sum illegal scumbag comes along and under bids it below $400 then uship take there aproximate 13% out of that $400 how are you supposed to make it work for that??? Uship do zero enforcing on the providers that are illegal and they sell it to the customer that all the providers are legal. What a joke!!! Fell free to contact me at 928 208 7793 or

      • I cant believe you insult shipping wars its great and weed wars is federally illegal, stop complaning dont like dont talk bad. And ALL wear seatbelts look careful you blind critics -.-

        • Shipping Wars is a great show my family watches it every Tuesday, We like it so much we are starting our own shipping company and so far have been successful. My opinion is if you don’t like it then don’t watch it simple as that. How many people actually watch everything on TV? There are shows people like and that people don’t like. COMMEN SENSE CHANGE THE CHANNEL!!!!!!!

  2. Most recent feedback about A&E Storage wars:

    Matt Tambor: storage wars and shipping wars are both great shows but I want shipping wars to have its own page.

    Scott Elder: When I see these shipping wars people hauling things for a third of market price, it makes me cringe. They should never dream of hauling anything for less then a dollar a mile. I would call it a fool’s errand, but errands are tasks that are done quickly. The service they are offering is left poorly defined leaving lazy residential customers wide open to take advantage of them. I guess running a business into the toilet makes good TV.

    Abbey Scheer: You cant just make everything into a TV show. You are going to really burn us totally out on any reality show. What will be next…..Oh, never mind, I dont really care anymore.

    Amanda Lee Eekhof: Is this a storage wars page or shipping wars? Because it says storage wars but talks shipping wars!!!!

    Marielena Garcia: Come on!! A&E! Listen to the audience, NO MORE SHIPPING WARS! Bring it on, storage wars!! But not Texas!!

    Allen Fry: Last chance just do not promote Shipping Bores on this page period. I un-fan next time :{

    Wildwitch Terri-Badiuk: I just can’t get into the show. I’m trying…but something just isn’t doing it for me.

    Sheila Blanchard: Watched shipping wars with hubby to give a chance….. Turned to storage hunters….. We were bored!

    Scott King: If I wanted to hear about shipping wars, I would have subscribed to there page. QUIT posting about shipping wars!

    David Espino: A: yes, yes I did miss the episodes of Shipping Wars – on purpose. Sadly, I can’t seem to do the same here…

    Jason Smith: A&E quit listing other shows on the page. You suck if you keep doing it. I will unlike this page and quit eat hong your programs . Thanks that is all.

    Craig Burrows: I hate to beat a dead horse A&E but if I wanted to watch shipping wars I’d seek a psychiatrist! This page is for storage wars, which is also getting a bit old. But as old as it is it’s still 1000 times better than that shipping wars crap. Any more bait and switch selling on this page and not only will I unlike this page but I’ll also vote with my remote and stop watching anything on A&E. And frankly I’m not going o miss much. Between that idiot dog chapman and his insane wife, Billy the bug killer and his trailer trash family and shipping wars I’d be more entertained by the sesame street channel. Today’s letter is “c” c is the first letter of crap ! And were do we find crap children? That’s right, A&E

    Jeff Harding: You paying attn AE? I think everyone should beat this dead horse until they stop using these posts to promote their crappy shows…

    Paul White: I am a retired OTR driver. I cant understand how last week a driver and his wife get on line, book a load, spend time on the cell phone and maybe even texting. They run out of fuel. Do they call someone for a service call? No. These geniuses get out of the truck and walk carrying a 1 gallon gas can, try to sypon fuel out of a truck and then walk back and get the truck running again. 1 gallon? Just enough to fill the fuel filter’s. Come on. Let’s get real. That’s a truck driver’s story for sure.

    D.j. Delaney: I am a fan of Storage Wars, so why are you telling me crap about your crappy Shipping Wars show ???

    Trevor Jensen: VOTE HERE===> Clearly those in charge of this page just DON’T get it! If you are Tired of HAVING to read about Shipping wars on this page and JUST want to see posts about Storage Wars LIKE THIS COMMENT!

    Larry Lee Moniz: This is Storage Wars, not Shipping Wars. Maybe it’s time for A&E to knock off the whole “naming all their shows with Wars in the title”.

    Charlie Morse: so far don’t care for this show….stick with the 1st storage wars original cast that’s a winner

    Charlie Morse: find something new your trying to sell the same show over n over. the originals great , these spin offs suck ! run out of original Ideas or what ?

    Bobby Phillps: it sucks

    Darryl Francisco: I missed nothing if I missed it!

    Terri Aaron: Shipping wars…… boring. Constant reruns of Storage Wars…..getting old. Love Barry.

    Dan Murray: This page says Storage Wars on A&E. I don’t see it called Shipping Wars……

    Tom Mcglynn: i aint watching any of that garbage

  3. The article here is just complaining. So what you just proved to me is that all of the people on the show were legal carriers at the time of filming. A&E has nothing to do with the past and future. You will never be able to pin it on UShip either. They are like a brokerage firm. They just bring buyers and sellers together. They do not enforce the legal rules. It isn’t their job. It is ultimately up to the shipper to verfiy the carriers credentials. A broker does not stop you from buying stock in a company is doing illegal activity. They don’t ask people where they get the money to invest. They exist only to bring buyers and sellers together. Get over it.

    • It seems Jarret is running illegally and others have operated illegally. The difference to eBay and uShip is that eBay actively removes scammers, uShip does not. They profit from scammers as well as legals since the shipper is paying uShip 20% and they are also charging the transporter. There are limited legals on uShip because the cost of operating is higher due to insurance and licensing. You don’t have any of that on Craigslist or eBay because anyone can sell and there is no FMCSA governing it. Also, I will add when negatives are brought to eBay or Craigslist, they take prompt, decisive action to fix the situation. Matt Chasen @ uShip does not. He claims being neutral but if you have any history with that site you will see they are neutral when someone has been scammed but not neutral when people post about being scammed (by removing any negatives in the forum). Do you know that uShip does not allow transporter to tell potential shippers that uship charges them fees? The rate a shipper sees is not what the transporter bids and you are not allowed to tell the shipper. Why do you think? Because that proves they are illegally brokering. Now take into account they are taking escrow. That is another form of brokering similar to factoring.

      If uShip ONLY existed to bring buyers and sellers together they should not have in their terms and conditions that a shipper should not be a felon or be illegal. Why put that there if they don’t care and as you say “only exist to bring buyers and sellers together”? Your post is based on not understanding the full operation at uShip and it seems that if you did, you would be like all the others that know how uship really operates.

      • I don’t believe any of you know what your talking about! Its a reality show like all of the other shows on TV, if you don’t like it then dont watch it. Plain and simple.

  4. Show was a poor representation of the real world of trucking. Sorry A&E, I agree with this site. Tracey @

  5. Its sad really sad that some has the time to sit around and look all this up. Then post up a bitch fit about it on here. ITS A SHIPPING WEB SITE for christ sake! I personally have used this page in the past to ship stuff as well as have stuff delivered. People on there have been more reliable with less damage to my stuff then any other major shipping company. Well i dont like the show and feel alot of its staged there are alot of good people on there who bust their ass to keep their customers happy. Untill you do shipping like this your self (i did for years moving classic car for people) dont pitch a bitch. Its harder then you think. Again put your time into something more productive then whineing.

  6. I hope it gets shut down. I hate the entire network anymore. They just ruin things for the people who make their livings off of doing them. There are massive turnouts at storage auctions now and that is seen in one form or another with all of these stupid shows… A&E, we don’t need to be shown a stylized version of real life…

    • IF you don’t like it DONT WATCH IT! No one is forcing you to watch the show there are people out there that like it.

  7. OMG Jennefer rocks,,, get rid of the rest of them and just have her on the show !! I do actually like the show,, very entertaining,,, cna roy get the cat to drive??

  8. I love shipping wars. Very interesting and I’m hooked. Keep em coming!

  9. Shipping wars is boring it always has happy endings, I want a shipping deal to turn ugly like losing the merchandise in transit or damaging the merchandise to se the customers reaction when the item arrives.

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